Making And Meaning In Kilnformed Glass 

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How often have you asked yourself "how do I find my 'voice' and express that in my artwork?" Or thought, "I don't know where to start." This class is an opportunity to start to figure out what you want to express in your work and how to make that artwork. It's a chance to start to make work that is your own, not just derivative of the techniques that you have learned or the things that other people are making in fused glass. It's a chance to start to take your work to a higher level.


The class will explore ways of thinking about the artwork that we do and the development of work with a strong, clear intent and content.  We will consider idea based approaches, and making work that is meaningful and well crafted. We will consider why we make objects and the importance of the object. A series of exercises, including words, drawings, modeling, and sample making, help us clarify and express our ideas in kilnformed glass.


Participants will investigate how an initial idea develops into a comprehensive series of studio glass work. The workshop follows an initial germ of an idea through idea development, design, and technical solutions to resolution and possibly to a cohesive body of work. The intention is to understand where ideas come from, how an idea grows into resolved art work, and how the technique of making that object in glass comes from the initial ideas.  


Unlike many workshops that are primarily technique driven, this workshop starts with ideas and then utilizes needed techniques to bring the idea to fruition. While no specific technique will be taught, many will be used as needed to develop individual work.


The class is based on a belief that work that begins with ideas and that is supported by design and technical knowledge will be stronger, more personal and more original.


Participants should have a basic knowledge of kilnforming techniques, a desire to find their voice in their work, and a willingness to question, experiment and explore.


Background: This workshop draws heavily on my experience as an architect and as an educator in architecture and design. It draws on my education at the Cranbrook Academy of Art and on my experiences and approaches in my artistic practice. It is informed by Professional-Artists-in-Residence programs that Steve Klein and I have organized and facilitated at Pilchuck Glass School, at North Lands Creative in Caithness, Scotland, in the far north of Norway, and in the high desert of New Mexico.

Prerequisite: Two years of kilnforming experience or permission.

5 days

6 students maximum

Fee: $1200, all materials included. Deposit upon registration: $500.

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