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June 8 - 15, 2019

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Instructors: Richard Parrish and Steve Klein

8 days; 8 students maximum; a minimum of 2 years of kilnforming experience is required

This workshop will explore the spirit of a very special place, Yellowstone National Park, and will seek to express aspects of that unique spirit through the medium of glass. As artists we are directly and indirectly influenced by both the natural and human-made environment. As makers, we place our work in both environments and the work affects and is affected by those environments. Specific aspects of particular places, such as history, culture, light, spatial qualities, materiality, scale, and become even more important and informative.

The class begins with one day in Richard's studio in Bozeman, Montana. Then we will drive into YNP, spending two (long) days and one night in the park visiting specific sites. We will return to Bozeman and Richard's studio to spend five days exploring and developing ideas for glass work inspired by our time in Yellowstone. A series of exercises, including writing, drawing, modeling, and sample making, help participants clarify and express their ideas. Individual and group discussions will be an integral part of the process. These exercises will lead toward finished glass works. Unlike many workshops that are primarily technique driven, this workshop starts with ideas and then utilizes needed techniques to bring ideas to fruition. It is based on the belief that work that begins with inspiration and is supported by design and technical knowledge will be stronger, more personal and more original.


Participants will be expected to have a minimum of two years of kilnforming experience with a knowledge of basic techniques and processes; to be self-motivated; and to be willing to actively participate in group activities and discussions.

Cost: $1900 per person. This fee includes all materials and studio use plus lunch each day of class, dinner at the Canyon Grill in Yellowstone and transportation for the Yellowstone trip. It does not include the cost of lodging in Yellowstone (see below). Participants are responsible for their transportation to and from Bozeman Big Sky Airport, hotel and food (except lunches) while in Bozeman. A car is needed while in Bozeman but you may wish to share with another person.


Lodging: Rooms have been reserved. Participants must register and pay for their own rooms. Room costs are $382.84 per room and can be booked as single or double for that price. Participants will be provided a link to make their room arrangements.

Background: this workshop draws heavily on my experience as an architect, growing up and living in the American West near Yellowstone National Park, and from Professional-Artists-in-Residence programs that Steve Klein and I have organized and facilitated in Caithness, Scotland (North Lands Creative Glass), Berlavag, Norway, and in the high desert of New Mexico, all structured around the idea of 'Place').

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