Applied Color Theory for Kilnformed Glass    

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Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams. – Paul Gauguin


Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet. – Paul Klee


This comprehensive class will explore color principles, theory and applications using Bullseye glass and kilnforming techniques. The intent is to increase our understanding of color and how we can use it in our glass work to enhance the content and increase the beauty of the finished piece. The class starts with an overview of color theory and vocabulary and moves quickly into how to apply color concepts to your own kilnformed glass work.


Conventional color theory, which is generally based on opaque or pigmented color, provides the departure point for our explorations in glass. Glass obviously has many qualities that are much different than opaque or pigmented color so our goal is to understand color in terms of the qualities of glass such as transparency, translucency, light reflection and refraction, and depth.


Class content includes a review of color theory and vocabulary, color relationships, color and meaning, color interactions, the development of color palettes, and color as an element of art and design. It will explore a variety of ways in which the color palette can be expanded through color mixing by layering colors using sheet glass and powder. Color nuances such as form, volume, surface texture and gradations will be considered.  


The class is hands on, making numerous samples with Bullseye glass products, that can be used as reference material in your studio and can be expanded over time. We will do a series of exercises developing color palettes and exploring the application of color principles.  A final project will provide an opportunity for participants to utilize the knowledge they have gained in the class. The full range of Bullseye sheet glass colors and powders will be available for the class.

Comprehensive class documents will be provided for ongoing reference.

5 days

6 students maximum

Fee: $1200, all materials included. Deposit at registration: $500.

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